The Alumni meet is an event for old relationships to be cherished, celebrated and refreshed and new ones to be formed. It is a time of reflecting, remembering the good old times and memories of the Alumni and looking forward with a sense of purpose and anticipation. Every year August 15th afternoon by 3.00 pm Alumini meet is conducted in our institution and every October 2nd by 10.AM Golden Anniversary meet is arranged for respective batches since 2015.

  • Er. A Srinivasan
  • Secretary of Alumini Association
  • Contact Number 9884477218
  • Email id: ptleecnpcalumni@gmail.com
Name Designation
1. Dr.M. Venkatraman,M.E,Phd., Patron
2. Er. A Venkatnarayanan,B.E., President
3. Er. A Srinivasan M.E., Secretary
4. Er. P Ravi D.M.E., Treasure
Name Designation
1.Tmt.S Priyasharshini,B.E., Lab Asst
2.Tmt.R.Vijayalakshmi,D.E.C.E Lab Asst
3.Thiru. K. Sathyakumar,D.E.C.E Lab Asst

Staff Achievements :

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